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Recommended Physical Activity

Start slowly and be patient, especially if you have not been exercising a lot in your immediate past. In the beginning, try to follow the minimum recommendations for each exercise.

It is recommendable to integrate moderate endurance exercise of 150 minutes per week into your daily routine.
This means that if you are physically active for 30 minutes @ 5 times a week, you have already met the minimum requirements!

This includes as little as a single, 30-minute walk to achieve your step goal!

In addition, you should include muscle building activities twice a week. Avoid longer, stationary periods such as sitting on a chair continuously. Even if you have an office job, you can interrupt longer periods of sitting. Use these small breaks to fill up your glass of water, for example.

In the app, you can record your physical activity under Activities and Training. This helps you to keep track of your personal movement goal and to get an overview of your weekly movement. In addition, you can see immediately how many calories you have consumed and can thus increase your calorie budget.

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